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Facebook Investigator


Honey child let me tell you how I almost got caught being nosey on Facebook! 

It was late one night & I was scrolling down my fb news feed when I came across a very interesting status that one of my fbf’s had shared.  The status was from someone who I know but was not friends with on fb.  The status was talking about a group of people who were all tagged in this status.  None of the people involved in this status are my fbf’s.  I decided this status want giving me enough information, I needed details honey.  Here’s where things get a little tricky.  Since I am not fbf’s with anyone involved, I can’t just comment on the status and say “hey, what’s going on here”.  I have to dig a little deeper.

I start off by going to the original “poster” of the status.  Ok let’s stop for a moment while I break this down for you.  The original “poster” and I are NOT friends, in real life or online.  We don’t like each other, we have had some very strong words in the past about nothing in general and do not have any dealings to this day.  Now that I’m on this person’s page I have to scroll through a lot of unnecessary posts, pictures, bullsh☆t, and whatever else.  I finally get to the post and guess what, none of the people that are named in the post are actually tagged!  UGH!!!

Now I have to type each person’s name in the search bar.  It’s so hard being nosey!  As I’m reading the comments on the original post, I notice a relative of one of the people mentioned is someone I know.  Of course I have to visit this person’s page to see if there is anything posted about the situation or their relative.  Maybe even a direct link to their page.  While I’m on the relative’s page I’m looking at pictures, watching videos, going through their friends list, everything except what I’m supposed to be doing.  I finally find that relative & go to that page.  Then, I see that the other people that were mentioned & proceed to go to each one of their pages.  When I finish snooping on those for extra pages I go back to the first person mentioned page.

I know by now you are confused as hell because I am too but the end is near, I promise.   I’m on track now! I find out where they’re from and where they live now.  I’m clicking on pictures of the kids, reading the comments, reading status updates and those comments.  I even look at their check-ins at places they’ve been.  I’ve gotten so deep into my investigation that I began watching videos.  I mean, I am dying laughing at some of these videos.  Telling other people in the room to come over and watch the videos with me!  I forgot all about my investigation.  Oh, I was having a grand ole time, too good of a time.   I almost got myself caught up when I decided the video was so good that I just had to share it…don’t worry I caught myself just in the nic of time!   I thought to myself,  “you idiot what are you doing?”  “Pump your brakes fool!”  I scared my self so bad it made my butthole pucker.  Whew, too close for me!

Moral of the story,  mind your damn business online and in real life!  If you do decide to become a Facebook Investigator,  don’t forget you’re on the job and don’t click the share button!   By the way…I never found anything out, it wasn’t worth the butt puckering at all!


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The Origin of Me


This weekend I was in N.C. visiting my brothers, whom I haven’t seen in 10 to 15yrs.  It’s a new beginning for us because our parents/guardians, finances, law enforcement, anyone nor anything is hindering us from uniting.   There was an emptiness in me that wasn’t being fulfilled by my job, my spouse, or even God.  That emptiness/void was the love of my brothers.  

One of the last times I saw my brothers was at our father’s funeral. It was also the first time I met one of my brothers & his children. Sad but true.  We vowed to stay in touch & see each other often.  We saw was each other twice within the years that followed. 

It was hard for me because I grew up an only child & I honestly didn’t trust them because I didn’t know them.  My mother died when I was little & our father wasn’t around for me.  So, I didn’t trust their intention in my life & I didn’t expect them to stay in my life or want me in their lives.  I’ve always felt alone in this world, as if there was no one I could really connect with.  This weekend changed everything! 

I saw my nieces & how much one of them looks like me, is quiet, & friendly.  They are both super smart like their aunt. One is short like me, keeps a journal, & loves to laugh (loud) just like me.  Being around my brothers was therapeutic.  To actually “see” our similarities, where I get my smile, my smart mouth, and my funny side was/is amazing.  Now I see why I was told

you must be adopted because you’re nothing like us

by a family member on my mother’s side.  I adore both sides of my family!   I look like my mother’s side of the family but personality wise I’m not like them, I take after my father’s side of the family & that’s ok!

  I’ve found what makes me who I am.  The final ingredients to the recipe of my life…LOVE!  No matter who it comes from, love can heal ALL wounds. Love should begin and end your day because everything you do, should be done out of LOVE!

I don’t feel like an outsider or unwanted anymore,  now I feel whole/complete.  I can conquer the world with a…


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Silly Rabbit

Ever since I was little I’ve heard the story of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’.  I used to wonder “how did that slow tortoise beat that insanely fast rabbit?”  Then, one day it hit me!

Everyone knows someone who goes above and beyond to out do everyone; aka a show-off. This person is so busy trying to beat others that he/she loses every time because it’s being done for the wrong reasons. The hare had the race in the palm of his hand but he was so busy showing off, worrying about where the tortoise was and setting traps for him that he lost the race himself!

The lesson I learned:  Run your own race!  Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and their position in life.  Stay focused on what’s going on in your life and you’ll win the race ever time!