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I’m Tired of Being Fat!


I am sick and tired of being FAT!  I’m sick of not feeling attractive, to myself!  When I look in the mirror I want to look like a woman my spouse would be proud to walk down the street with.  She has always told me I’m beautiful and she has no problem with my weight.  It’s not like I was skinny when she met me.  The problem is ME!  I have a problem with MY weight.  So what do I do about it, because whining isn’t working?

January 3rd 2016, I set out on a LIFESTYLE change.  I don’t like to say diet because I have never stuck to one.  So, if I change my lifestyle, I won’t need a diet.  I won’t need a diet because eating healthier & working out will be a way of life for me.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?!  According to , a habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

By changing my habits I don’t have to struggle with staying on a diet or drag myself to the gym when I really don’t want to be there.  My wants/needs will  change automatically. It’s like writing your name, you’ve done it so many times you don’t have to think about it.  You just do it!  If you get in the habit of making healthy choices it becomes part of your life, it’s not a habit anymore.

Here are a few things I have changed.

  1. I drink water instead of sugar filled beverages.
  2. I refuse to give up my morning coffee. So, I use Splenda instead of sugar.
  3. When grocery shopping, I don’t go hungry.  If you go to the store hungry, you’re more likely to pick up a candy bar than an apple.
  4. I cook every night instead of going out to eat.  It is easier in the beginning stages of your lifestyle change to eat healthy at home because if you go out to eat and start looking at all those delicious burgers and fries, you are going to order one and feel guilty later.
  5. My workout is in my daily routine.  Everyday when I get home from work, I use the bathroom, change into my workout clothes and head to the living room for my workout session.  EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I’m going in to the third month of my lifestyle change and it is going great!  I have lost 21 pounds and counting.  I honestly don’t think about the changes my family and I have made because it is a part of our everyday lives.  I can enjoy my coffee, go grocery shopping and not make impulsive decisions, when I go out to eat I instantly look for the healthy section on the menu, and I love working out!  Working out allows me to burn off the stress of my day because I make it fun.  I may play Just Dance on the Wii or do Yoga.

I’ve learned what is working for me and against me in my life.  I remind myself that whatever I choose to eat now, I have to work off when I get home.  Make it easy on yourself.  Each individual has to make the decision in their own life as to what is important to them.  My health is important to me, that’s why I changed my lifestyle.  I’m tired of being fat but I’m enjoying being healthy!



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Vegan or Vegetarian ?


Too much research can be detrimental to your health.

This week I was home sick from work with a stomach bug.  YUCK!  During my boredom, I was on all my social media trying to entertain myself in between naps and trips to the bathroom.  Somehow I ran across an article on veganism.  I found some very yummy recipes and even liked a few pages on Facebook.  Veganism is when a person chooses not to eat meat of any kind or any products of/from an animal, like eggs or dairy products.

Ok, I was hooked until I had to give up eggs and dairy products!  Are you out of your mind?  No cheese eggs?!  Hell No, I need that more than I need oxygen!

What about Vegetarianism? According to Nearly 5 million Americans, or more than 2 percent of the population, follow some form of a vegetarian diet.  If that many people in America are doing it, surely I can too.  Right?  Vegetarianism is the voluntary abstinence from eating meat. Vegetarians refrain from eating meat for various reasons, including religious, health, and ethical ones.  ( )  I can eat my salads without meat, I make a mean cheese quesadilla, and I love fruit!  I’m in business!

Wait a minute, what about becoming a lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescatarian, or a pollotarian?  Ughhhh…brain overload, you will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

You're not suppossed to eat that


Why does everything need a freaking label?  My research snowballed and stressed me out!

As long as you make healthy decisions for your body, eat whatever the hell you want to eat!  It is really not as serious as people make it.  If you only want to eat vegetables and chicken, do it!  If you only eat strawberries on Thursdays, that is your right!

Whatever YOU decide, make sure it makes YOU healthy and happy!