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Something About The Name Mama

Mama BirthdayRance Allen & Kirk Franklin had a song years ago called ‘Something About The Name Jesus’.  It is a beautifully written song but the way Rance sings it with his riffs & runs takes it to a level that leaves you in awe!  Kirk’s composition with Rance’s dedication to the lyrics makes you feel their love for Jesus in a very powerful & melodic way.

When I hear someone ,adult or child, say “mama” it makes my heart smile. I haven’t called anyone mama in thirty years.  It just hasn’t felt right. There have many wonderful women who have stepped in the role to help raise me but non have filled that name. I and very thankful to these wonderful women & I mean no disrespect at all.  It’s hard to explain unless you’re a motherless child. There is a difference when you have grown up to know someone as mama, as in adoption.

I was speaking to a client about her mama dying & her being in her 90’s.  She said “I’m sad to lose my mama but what a blessing it’s been have had her this long”.  I agreed with her and told her my mama passed when she was 43yrs old.  I used to long to be able to say that term of endearment with someone but I know that name is precious & should be used wisely & lovingly.   My heart cries for those who have lost their mama & to the mama’s so have lost a child(ren).                              
If your mama has been a good mama to you make sure you sing her praises like Kirk Franklin & Rance Allen.  I would never want someone to be in my shoes wondering what it feels like to call someone mama.



Big city country girl! Lover of life, happiness, and fashion. Respecter of one's character not one's title. Respect is given when it is received. I don't have a problem saying NO! I know my purpose and I'm standing and living my truth. I only speak when spoken to and I only answer when asked!

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