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5ive things I do everyday to stay positive

I consider myself a positive person. I haven’t always been like that. In fact, I dubbed myself Queen Negative Nancy. I was always frowning and cursing about any and everything. I’m not proud of those days, I’m extremely embarrassed, but I learned to turn my frown upside down.

I was in an abusive relationship many years ago and I remember praying constantly for God to fix my ex so that we could be happy together. I would even pray for God to fix me! Fix whatever it was about me that was making my ex abuse me. (Insert stupid face) It was like a slap came across my face & knocked some sense into me! I began to think, there is nothing wrong with me, I don’t have a problem, they do.

I left that horrible relationship, quickly! It took a few months of telling myself I did the right thing & that I deserve better. I would practice telling myself everyday something positive about me! I also began letting the first words out of my mouth when I woke up to be “Thank You”. Just a simple “thank you”! Over time it became a habit. No matter what I have on my agenda for the day, work or vacation, “Thank You” starts my day.

Here are five things I do everyday to keep my positive juices flowing.

1. Saying “Thank You” When I Wake Up
Practicing gratitude is a good way
to start the positive process. It may
be helpful to keep a journal of

2. Speak encouraging words to yourself
Just like in school, you have to be
taught new things. Teaching
yourself that you are worthy of love,
you are beautiful, & you matter, will
form new habits for a positive

3. Take selfies
Find your good side. See the beauty
within you. It’s there, you may have
to dig a little deeper to find the
diamond but it is there.

4. Smile at others
See if you get a smile back.
Someone may be having a bad day
and your smile may turn things
around for them or make them see
that it’s ok to smile.

5. Compliment others
Spread the positivity. Share the
wealth. When I compliment
someone who has a frown on their
face, they are shocked and a smile
begins to form. I have even
received hugs & tears because they
may have been having a bad day but
that simple compliment made them
feel better.

Learning to be positive is great for your own self-esteem but it does wonders for others as well. In order to become a more positive person you must be willing to take responsibility for your peace within. You can have a hurricane going on around you but when you have a positive outlook it gives you a peace of mind that cannot not be shaken.




Big city country girl! Lover of life, happiness, and fashion. Respecter of one's character not one's title. Respect is given when it is received. I don't have a problem saying NO! I know my purpose and I'm standing and living my truth. I only speak when spoken to and I only answer when asked!

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