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Having Faith Is Scary! 

I’ve always heard the sayings, “it just takes a little faith, step out on faith,  & where is your faith?”  The bible constantly talks about faith.  One passage states, “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains” (Matthew 17:20).

Recently, I’ve had to “step out on faith” and it wasn’t an easy decision to make.  Actually, it was very terrifying. I’m still terrified.  A friend & I were saying it would be awesome to have a little preview into the future. We don’t want to know every single detail, we just want to know things will be ok as for the outcome of the decision being made.  This may be why psychics are so popular, and rich.

Faith has been defined as, confidence or trust in a person or thing; faith in another’s ability.   So, what this tells me is the decision I make rest solely on what or who I believe in as a higher power.  That’s some scary s***!  I don’t know for sure you’re real, I don’t know for sure that this thing is going to work out, I don’t even know that this is the decision that I really want to make but that doesn’t matter because I’ve been groomed all my life to trust YOU…not MYSELF?

This blog post could go in 10,000 different directions from here but let’s just stick to these three!

  1. Believe in yourself!  Know that you got this, not your parents, your spouse, or even God.  Know that you without a shadow of a doubt can and will succeed in the decision you have made.
  2. Be prepared!  Prepare yourself for greater things because this is why you made that major decision right?  Right!  If you’re going between jobs, be prepared with a few coins stashed or at least have that “financial” talk with your spouse in case things move slow.  Be prepared for number three.
  3. Don’t listen to the haters/naysayers.  If you’ve got number one then go for it!  We won’t always be prepared because…that’s life.  You don’t know what’s coming your way so you can’t prepare for that.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.


The confidence is that belief you have, whether in yourself or a higher power.  The future/outcome is the thing you cannot see.  There would be no need for faith if we already new the outcome.  Having faith, amongst other things, makes life interesting instead of boring and predictable.

Yes having faith is scary but without it we would not dare to change things.

If it were not for sadness how would you know when you are happy?

If it were not for sickness how would you know when you are healthy?

If it were not for darkness how would you appreciate the sunlight?

The positive and the negative balance each other…the yin and the yang.

60 Faith Based Scriptures




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A Hug Goes A Long Way

One day last week at work, I was having a typical day at work, nothing out of the ordinary.   Although, I do remember praying on the way to work that God would allow his work to be done through me.  I feel as though I (We) have a tendency to get so wrapped up in what is going on in our lives that we become blind to those around us who are having just as a hard of a time, or worse.
I was coming out of a coworker’s office and ran into a resident’s family member.  I said hello and asked her how she was doing that day.  This is how I typically chit-chat with people passing by in the hallway.  Usually people ask you how you’re doing but never slow down to hear your response because it is just something to say in passing.  Not me, I genuinely care about your response or I don’t ask.

The lady’s face started turning red and I could tell a lump was forming in her throat as she shook her head and said she was ok, just worried about her mother.  I told her the usual “she’ll be ok, don’t worry”.  The lump in her throat had gotten her and she couldn’t speak.  As her eyes began to water I asked her if she needed a hug, she shook her head yes and we embraced.  As I allowed this woman whom I’ve only seen a few time sob on my shoulder, I began to think of all the times I’ve needed a hug and no one was around.  Once she felt relieved she thanked me and said she felt better.

How many times have you needed a hug and no one noticed or cared?  How many time have you asked someone how they’re doing and didn’t really care about or stick around long enough to hear their response?  Don’t ask if you’re not being sincere about it.