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What happened to Thanksgiving? 

As long as I’ve been alive there has always been twelve months in a year. This year I think we eleminated one, November. We went from sunflowers in September, Pumpkins & Halloween in October, to Santa Claus & Jingle Bells in December. 
What happened to November?   WHAT HAPPENED TO THANKSGIVING?

I remember being in the store in October, seeing Halloween candy, costumes, and fall decor. As soon as November 1st came, the Christmas season started.  It upset me because I’m a very thankful person. I’m appreciative of my life, the people in my life, and the things I have.  Although I give thanks all year, “society” waits until November to appreciate & give thanks. 

In a world of selfies, self-love, self-identity, me, myself, and I; we NEED November! We NEED Thanksgiving! This world is in trouble and the last thing we need to do is take away humility! We took away prayer/moment of silence in schools. Now we’re going eliminate being thankful. 

Well not me! I’m thankful on Thanksgiving for life, health, & love. Every day I’m thankful but today I want to share those things with those I don’t see often. I want to put on my best outfit, eat my favorite foods & laugh until I cry. 

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!