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Having Faith Is Scary! 

I’ve always heard the sayings, “it just takes a little faith, step out on faith,  & where is your faith?”  The bible constantly talks about faith.  One passage states, “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains” (Matthew 17:20).

Recently, I’ve had to “step out on faith” and it wasn’t an easy decision to make.  Actually, it was very terrifying. I’m still terrified.  A friend & I were saying it would be awesome to have a little preview into the future. We don’t want to know every single detail, we just want to know things will be ok as for the outcome of the decision being made.  This may be why psychics are so popular, and rich.

Faith has been defined as, confidence or trust in a person or thing; faith in another’s ability.   So, what this tells me is the decision I make rest solely on what or who I believe in as a higher power.  That’s some scary s***!  I don’t know for sure you’re real, I don’t know for sure that this thing is going to work out, I don’t even know that this is the decision that I really want to make but that doesn’t matter because I’ve been groomed all my life to trust YOU…not MYSELF?

This blog post could go in 10,000 different directions from here but let’s just stick to these three!

  1. Believe in yourself!  Know that you got this, not your parents, your spouse, or even God.  Know that you without a shadow of a doubt can and will succeed in the decision you have made.
  2. Be prepared!  Prepare yourself for greater things because this is why you made that major decision right?  Right!  If you’re going between jobs, be prepared with a few coins stashed or at least have that “financial” talk with your spouse in case things move slow.  Be prepared for number three.
  3. Don’t listen to the haters/naysayers.  If you’ve got number one then go for it!  We won’t always be prepared because…that’s life.  You don’t know what’s coming your way so you can’t prepare for that.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.


The confidence is that belief you have, whether in yourself or a higher power.  The future/outcome is the thing you cannot see.  There would be no need for faith if we already new the outcome.  Having faith, amongst other things, makes life interesting instead of boring and predictable.

Yes having faith is scary but without it we would not dare to change things.

If it were not for sadness how would you know when you are happy?

If it were not for sickness how would you know when you are healthy?

If it were not for darkness how would you appreciate the sunlight?

The positive and the negative balance each other…the yin and the yang.

60 Faith Based Scriptures




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Top 5 Reasons I Hate Politics

Maybe hate is a strong word…maybe not!  I have always had trouble in my history/political classes because it was so darn boring.  it’s the same thing over and over again.  We elect someone and expect our lives to miraculously get better over night.  Every individual expects the one they voted for to win and fix ALL their problems.  Poor saps.

Alright here we go, my top five reasons I hate Politics!


5. It sounds like a foreign language to me. All of those big useless words put into play. For example; Caucus, Demagogue, Gerrymander. Then there are other words or phrases that are just so silly you know a hill billy named Cleofus came up with them and you’re trying to figure out their gibberish. Words like, Pork Barrel, Rubber Chicken Circuit, and Smoke Filled Room. Seriously?


4. Everyone is lying! Maybe this should have been number one on my list! Every politician from someone running for class president to P.O.T.U.S. has told us exactly what we wanted to hear to get our vote. “I’ll get you French fries for breakfast EVERYDAY” or “Read my lips, No New Taxes”! We’ve all fallen for those slick words a time or two because deep down we really want to believe them but…


3. Only the rich can afford to run for an office. Broke people only know other broke people. That’s why the government has designed different social classes, to keep everyone in their place. Think about it! Why is education so expensive? Why is it cheaper to eat a cheeseburger rather than grilled chicken and vegetables? Why is it practically free to live in the “ghetto” but if go to another county five minutes away with the “better” schools, textbooks for every child, and any restaurant of my choice, I’ll have to work three jobs to afford a home there?

The O’Jays said it best;

“People will lie, Lord, they will cheat For the love of money People don’t care who they hurt or beat For the love of money”

pres candidates

2. There are too many people running for office. According to, there are eighteen people running for P.O.T.U.S in 2016. There are twelve Republicans, three Democrats, and three 3rd Party. I know there will be early voting to determine who will officially be on the final ballot but seriously, eighteen candidates? That’s not even the original count! A lot of people have dropped out of the race! If you need more understanding on how the election process works check out this link, The Presidential Election: How It Works | Librarypoint.

The number one reason why I hate politics… scapegoat

1. In the end it really doesn’t matter who wins. It doesn’t matter who wins the presidential election because congress controls everything. If the president passes a bill, congress has the power to veto that bill, “nah ah Mr. /Madam President, not today.”! You always hear people saying if you don’t like the way things are being run in your town or state call your congressman/woman. No one ever says “call your president”! The president is just the scapegoat. If something goes horribly wrong they just blame him or her, impeach that one and move on to whoever’s next in line to play the dummy.

I can respect anyone who truly wants to change the world into a better place and cares for ALL the citizens of this country. For the others, may God have mercy on you!